Ken Mellons The "Jukebox Junkie"

They thought they had killed it and nobody would miss it, they were wrong. Real Country Music never died, it just covered its ears and walked away. It couldn’t handle what it had become, hoping that it would change its ways and come back around, for years Country Music hid from the glitz and pretty vocals until it couldn’t take anymore. Then something revolutionary happened, it found its voice again, this time in a traditional troubadour, a soulful country music singer named Ken Mellons. If you aren’t familiar with Ken Mellons and his story, then you might recognize his name, and if you don’t recognize his name you might recognize his voice, and if you don’t recognize his voice then you’re probably listening to your local corporate owned radio station too much. Most known for his award winning hit song “Jukebox Junkie,” Ken had a string of hits in the 90’s on Sony Records including, “I Can Bring Her Back, “Rubba Dubbin,’” “ Lookin’ In The Same Direction,” and “Workin’ For The Weekend.” Ken is back, this time around with a collection of “pick you up” tempos and soulful country ballads, delivered in the only way Ken knows how, “Country.” Featuring Vince Gill and George Jones you will fulfill your Country cravings that have been unsatisfied by today’s radio. Sit back and enjoy!

Fun Facts

Kenneth Edward Mellons was Born July 10 in Kingsport, Tennessee
Favorite College Football Team: Tennessee Vols 
Favorite fast food restaurant: Burger King
Favorite candy bar: Zagnut


Did You Know?

Did you know?
Ken has had over 50 cuts as a songwriter includin' cuts by George Jones, George Strait, Dierks Bentley, Hank Williams Jr., Mark Chestnutt and Shawn Camp

Did you know?
Ken was the voice for Cowboy Slim in the cartoon netwoks "Saddle Rash"